Op Shop

We are always happy to receive your donations of good quality pre-loved clothing and goods.

Please ensure that articles are in good condition so that our profits are not reduced by having to dispose of damaged goods.

Every cent we raise is returned to your community through the Living and Learning Centre’s program and activities.
Our Op Shop is staffed by volunteers. Find out how to become part of the team here.

The East End Opportunity Shop

309 Maroondah Highway, Healesville
Phone: 03 5962 3431

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Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
Every 2nd Sunday
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
11:00 am – 3:00 pm
11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Op-Shop Article for Mountain Views Mail – 3rd Nov 2010

I like your skirt! Where did you get it? I love your Jacket! Mine cost $3. So did mine!

Repair, reuse, recycle has been a catch phrase used for some years now and has certainly been a foundation philosophy of the Healesville Living and Learning Centre since its inception. The very first activity undertaken by the Centre was to open an Opportunity Shop that would support the Centre as a fundraising activity and contribute to a healthy local environment. Quite forward thinking for the time as carbon credits and carbon foot prints were not even a blip on the environmental radar.

The Op shop soon earned a reputation as one of the best around Melbourne and buses filled with students and others were often seen parked out the front as part of their ‘Shopping Tour.’

Everyone loves a bargain! Healesville Living and Learning Centre’s East End Opportunity Shop provides good quality, recycled clothes and household goods at affordable prices. It has been open and operating for the last 32 years, recycling goods and supporting the community of Healesville. As well as providing great quality goods, our shop provides retail experience and training for volunteers and people looking to expand their horizons.

By reusing or sharing a product rather than buying a new one, you’re protecting the environment through saving water, energy and raw materials and by passing your clothes, accessories or equipment on to others, you are diverting materials from landfill thus conserving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The East End Op-shop also supports other charitable organisations such as Diabetes Australia by donating to them materials that cannot be sold in the shop for conversion into rags etc. Good quality donations are always needed but please be mindful, if you wouldn’t buy it, use it, or wear it, then cannot sell it. Support the environment, support your community.

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